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6 мая

Protective masks and gloves are made available in the Moscow Metro

Protective masks and gloves have already appeared at 23 stations of the Moscow Metro around the city. They can be purchased at vending machines or at the stations’ retail outlets. The price is fixed lower than a standard market price — 30 rubles a mask (40 euro cents), 20 rubles — a pair of gloves (25 euro cents) and 50 rubles — a set (60 euro cents).

«We receive masks for sale from urban structures, so their price is fixed below the current market price. The purpose of this measure is to create safe environment for all passengers, who could not get PPE in a pharmacy or forgot it at home. We recommend all passengers to use masks and gloves for going out», — shared Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport. The Moscow Metro infrastructure is vast, but every day more and more stations will have PPE

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