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Moscow Transport Factsheet

The Moscow Transport has maximally secured its employees based on the recommendations of the WHO and the UITP. The surface transport drivers and the Moscow Metro employees measure the temperature before entering the shift. The surface transport drivers undergo a medical examination before and after the shift every day. A daily checkup is also held by the Moscow Metro drivers.

The Moscow Metro cashiers and inspectors are provided with disinfectants and gloves. The employees of the suburban railway are also provided with antiseptic agents.

Based on the WHO recommendation, Moscow surface transport operators temporarily stopped selling tickets through bus, trolleybus, electric bus and tram drivers.

Passengers can use the service using bank cards and mobile devices with the contactless payment function – PayPass, PayWave, Apple Pay, Google Pay, MirPay and others.

The Moscow Metro daily carries out wet cleaning of all infrastructure and all trains. The frequency of cleaning depends on how many passengers are at the station - at the most popular stations, cleaning takes place more often.

About 6,000 metro cars – the entire Moscow Metro fleet in operation is disinfected with ultraviolet light or lamps.

The surface transport leaves the routes clean every morning. At the end of the day it is sent for disinfection. Inside the cabin, all surfaces are treated with special disinfectants, including the driver’s cab, handrails, windows and seats. 

What do we do for the safety?


  • 100 thousand employees of the Moscow Transport were instructed following the decisions of the Mayor, the Government of Moscow, as well as the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being;

  • 10 thousand drivers of Mosgortrans measure the temperature before entering the shift;

  • The surface transport drivers undergo a medical examination before and after the shift every day;

  • 400 Mosgortrans inspectors are provided with disinfectants and gloves;

  • 3.7 thousand metro cashiers are provided with disinfectants and gloves;

  • The Moscow Metro employees measure the temperature before entering the shift;

  • Cashiers, supervisors, local brigades, car duty officers and suburban railway depot workers are provided with antiseptic agents;

  • More than 500 liters of hand sanitizer have already been distributed to cashiers in commuter trains;

  • On the surface transport routes, ticket sales from drivers were canceled;

  • The contactless payment methods are recommended for travelling in the metro and suburban railway. 


  • Remote selective temperature measurement of passengers entering the lobby of metro stations is carried out using cameras with thermal imagers;

  • 3 thousand metro cars are quartz using portable ultraviolet lamps;

  • In the metro trains of the Oka and Moscow series, air purification occurs directly during the movement of the train: more than 2.7 thousand cars of the Oka and Moscow series are equipped with ultraviolet lamps;

  • Air filters in trains with built-in air conditioning are changed 2 times more often;

  • 30% more air exchange in the Moscow Metro – 2 billion cubic meters of air is updated daily in the metro;

  • The metro cars are washed outside automatically;

  • Wet cleaning of metro cars with special attention paid to handrails, buttons and to those composition elements with which passengers interact more often;

  • Daily additional cleaning of all stations and underpasses;

  • Frequent disinfection of passenger infrastructure elements with which people interact in the lobby and on the platforms (handrails, turnstiles, entrance door handles, cash zones);

  • More than 1.6 thousand ticket vending machines are washed every hour.

The surface transport

  • More than 8.5 thousand buses, trolleybuses, electric buses and trams are disinfected every day;

  • All inside surfaces are treated with special disinfectants, including the driver’s cab, handrails, glass and seats;

  • Every day, 85 brigades sanitize the stop pavilions. 

Suburban trains

  • Cleaning with a special cleaning agent is carried out daily at stations and stopping points;

  • More than 2700 air disinfection systems operate daily in electric trains of the Central Suburban Passenger Company;

  • More than 7 thousand liters of disinfectants were purchased additionally for daily washing of electric trains and the infrastructure;

  • Twice a day turnstile pavilions, validators, ticket machines at stations are disinfected;

  • More than 1000 liters of sanitizer were provided to the ticket offices at the stations;

  • To increase the awareness of passengers about preventive measures, posters are placed at the stations, and audio clips about the necessary precautions are played in the station buildings. 

Taxi and car sharing

  • Security measures for taxi and car sharing companies have been strengthened. The frequency of cleaning increased by 1.5 times; each car is additionally aired; daily thorough antiseptic treatment of panels, steering wheel, door handles, etc. is carried out;

  • Taxi drivers are provided with masks and sanitizers;

    • Reception of complaints about the sanitary condition of a taxi car or car sharing vehicle is realized via the Moscow Transport Hotline.

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