Fares and options

46 ₽ To travel by metro, monorail, the MCC, the MCD in Central or surface transport
69 ₽ To travel by metro, monorail, the MCC, the MCD in Central zone and an to make unlimited number of changes to surface transport within 90 minutes

The Troika smart card is the easiest way to pay for travelling by public transport. With the Troika a journey by any mode of public transport costs 42 ₽ (excluding taxi).
The Troika card can also be used to pay for travelling by Aeroexpress (400 ₽).

Where can I buy a card?

You can buy a Troika card at cash desks of the Moscow Metro and the Moscow Central Circle, at suburban train stations, and at the Mosgortans ticket machines.

The Moscow Transport service centers:

20/1, Staraya Basmannaya Street

25, 1905 Goda Street

Required deposit of 50 ₽ is refundable as the undamaged card is returned in working condition to a cash desk at a metro station or to the Moscow Transport service center.

How do I top up the card?

  • Manual top-up
  • At cash desks at the Moscow Metro and the MCC stations, at suburban train stations, at the Mosgortans ticket machines, at Aeroexpress ticket machines and cash desks.
  • Maximum top-up is 3000 ₽. The Troika card is credited immediately.
  • Remote top-up
  • On the website and by SMS, as well as in mobile apps of Sberbank, VTB 24, Alfa Bank, Tinkoff Bank, UniCredit Bank, Promsvyazbank, Vozrozhdenie Bank, Russky Standard Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, and in mobile apps of Yandex.Money, Odnoklassniki, Webmoney, KIWI Bank, etc.
  • Maximum top-up is 2500 ₽.

Where can I top up my Troika card?

After online top-up, Troika card has to be activated at a yellow terminal at the entrance to a metro station. Press the «remote top-up» button on the terminal and hold the card against the reader (the yellow circle on the terminal). Do not remove the card before confirmation of top-up appears on the screens


“All-in-one” ticket

A travel card can be used to pay for travelling by the Moscow Metro, the Monorail, the Moscow Central Circle, and by all modes of ground public transport.

A ticket for one journey can be purchased at cash desks.

  • 1 journey

    61 ₽

  • 2 journeys

    122 ₽

  • 1 day

    265 ₽

  • 3 days

    500 ₽