June 23

Moscow Metro develops Wi-Fi 6 wireless network

In 2021, Moscow Metro began testing a new-generation Wi-Fi 6 wireless network. At the moment, in Moscow Metro, together with the partner company MaximaTelecom, a Wi-Fi 6 is being tested in the train cars of 10 Moskva trains on Line 7. According to the Department of Transport of Moscow, the peak speed in Metro cars with Wi-Fi 6 can exceed 250 Mbps. This will allow passengers to download 1 GB of traffic in just 35 seconds.

The new generation of Wi-Fi 6 will work much more stably with a large number of subscribers who are simultaneously connected to the network, which will provide passengers with stability of connection and high speed of the wireless Internet. This will increase network availability and productivity during peak hours, when many passengers connect to one access point in the train car. Wi-Fi 6 is compatible with most flagship smartphone models of Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus and others.

Moscow Metro previously announced the launch of testing of 5G mobile network, which will allow the launch of new service and passenger services as 5G terminals, robotic assistants, as well as the application of AR technologies.


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