June 24

Moscow Metro receives Transport Ticketing Award for its Troika expansion project

On July 23, Moscow Metro received a Transport Ticketing Award in the category Best Smart Ticketing Programme (>1m Daily Journeys) for the project of expanding the city’s ticketing system to other regions of Russia. It was shortlisted in the nomination along with Land Transport Authority (Singapore) and Transport for NSW (Australia). Moscow Metro has already received the award in 2020 in the same nomination. 

Within the initiative, six regions have already adopted the Troika card system, the first one being Tula Region that joined the project in November 2020. In total, more than 47 regions are interested in integrating the system. The programme allows Troika owners from different regions use their smartcard in all the regions covered by Moscow’s ticketing system and provides digital solutions developed in Moscow. The system is also useful for regional transport authorities since it provides tools for passenger flow analysis and allows them to improve transport operation in dependence with demand.

Another Moscow Metro’s projects shortlisted in the award are Alexandra the chatbot and Face Pay – biometric payments technology that is to be introduced in the city’s underground system.

"Moscow created the best ticketing system. It is leading in the number of convenient fare payment modes. … The Troika integration project changes transit all around the country – now it is as easy to pay for a trip in many regions as in Moscow, and residents can use their transport card when traveling to the capital. Troika is a single ticket for all types of transport in Moscow", — said Deputy Mayor for Transport Maxim Liksutov.


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