August 25

For the first time Russia launches the two-decker electric train on the Moscow Central Circle

The MCC (Moscow Central Circle) – is one of the Moscow transport projects. It is integrated in Moscow metro network andin the railway system. In fact, it is considered to be the 14thsurface metro line. On 25 August, a two-decker electric train was launched. It will run on a test basis for 15 days until 8 September.

The pace of development in railway transport in Moscow (12.6 million residents) is higher than in European cities and is considered as one of the highest in the world. Moscow is the largest metropolis and the fastest growing city in eastern Europe. The extension of the transport system network, the construction of new stations at the place of residence and work of the citizens are all requests of our passengers. The MCCpassenger traffic is growing rapidly, it carried 98 million passengers in the first year, 124 million in the second year and 142 million in the third year. Moreover, after the pandemic the passenger traffic on the MCD and the MCC not only recovered faster than on other modes of urban transport, but also beat the pre-pandemic rate. Due to the continued construction of residential and commercial properties around the ring the passenger traffic is increasing and, in the future the number is expected to grow.

«No one could have predicted that the passenger traffic would grow at this rate when launching the MCC. The Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin instructed us to work on the Circle improvement. Together with our colleagues from the Russian Railways we put a lot of effort to make the trips by the Circle convenient: double headway reduction, renewed train fleet on the «urban» train set, opened and will continue to open new concourses. Today, 4 minutes is the maximum possible headway for the existing infrastructure, further reduction requires further development, so with our colleagues we are working in that direction. However, at the same time we are looking for alternative solutions. One of them is the launch of the roomier two-decker electric trains. Today, as an experiment, six-car Stadler electric train was launched on the MCC. on the basis of the electric train operation analysis and after getting the passengers opinion, we will be able to make any further decisions on the possible usage of similar two-decker trains on the Circle», – noted Maksim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport. 

The first time Switzerland Stadler Kiss electric train waslaunched in Moscow in November 2017, in anticipation of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. It traveled between the airports and the city center. In early November 2019, it was launched on the MCD (Moscow Central Diameters). In Russia – Stadler is the only one operational two-decker electric train. It has already received positive feedback from D1 passengers. Prior to the start-up of the electric train on the MCC tests were conducted without passengers. They showed that all of the stations are able to receive the compositions of this model, the height of the platforms and the floor are the same. There were no problems during the passage of tunnels, under bridges and overpasses. In case of the Stadler success on the MCC, it will be fully operational in Russia.  

Stadler is one of the leading railway brands. Many European railways are equipped with its technologies. From the experience of other countries, when the Stadler bi-mode trains were launched in the United Kingdom, the punctuality rate was96% in average between May and July 2020. As stated by Greater Anglia Managing Director Jamie Burles, new trains will transform rail traffic in the region and will bring economic, social, business, tourism and environmental benefits.

The MCD and the MCC are an integral part of the large transport system of Moscow and the Moscow region. The MCC was launched in 2016 its length is 54 km, there are 31 station and 18 of them have interchanges to metro. Passenger traffic at the MCD and the MCC not only recovered from the pandemic but has also increased since 2019. In the first half of 2021, the MCC had 71 million passengers. A total of 242 pairs of trains Lastochka, and 211 pairs on weekends, run on MCC day. The capacity of the electric train Lastochka - 1.500 passengers. At peak hours the electric train runs every 4 minutes and at non-peak hours - every 8. The Moscow Central Diameters is an off-street railway transport that is analogue to the Crossrail in London and the RER in Paris. The launch of the D1 and D2 have improved accessibility for more than 4 million people living in 45 Moscow districts and 6 Moscow regional cities. The MCD consists of 60 stations with 21 interchanges.


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