September 1

Free transfers in the surface transport of Moscow

Starting today, transfers on Moscow's surface transport have become free — that was announced by the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobianin.

Moscow passengers are used to free transfers between the metro, the Moscow Central Circle (MCC) and the Moscow Central Diameter (MCD). But the transfer from one land route to another still remained paid. It's always been like this. But now it's time to leave this tradition in order to make trips around the city more convenient for passengers.

Starting from today, September 1, 2021, the transfer between buses, electric buses and trams of different routes will be free for 90 minutes from the start of the trip. A free transfer will save money for about 500 thousand passengers per day.

How it works: a free transfer is possible within 90 minutes from the start of the trip between different bus, electric bus or tram routes. Passenger can transfer for free using the Troika card linked to personal account in the Moscow Metro application or on the website

In the surface transport of Moscow, when transferring from one route to another, passengers pay the fare again. At the same time, passenger can transfer to the metro from any line even to the MCC or MCD for free. For many passengers the need to pay for a transfer increases the travel time, or increases the cost of travel. Thus, the Mayor of Moscow instructed to make transfers between different routes of surface transport free of charge, so that trips become more convenient for all passengers. Savings on the way will be up to 15 minutes, and those who already use transfers will be able to save up to 11 thousand rubles a year, — Maksim Liksutov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.


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