12 мая 2020

The new reality of the Moscow Metro passenger safety routine

Protective masks and gloves are available at all the Moscow Metro stations. They can be purchased at vending machines or at the stations’ retail outlets. The price is fixed lower than a standard market price — 30 rubles a mask (40 euro cents), 20 rubles — a pair of gloves (25 euro cents) and 50 rubles — a set (60 euro cents).

«Currently there are 966 points of sale. These are cash desks, trade pavilions and vending machines. Taking into account cash desks of suburban stations, which are also sales channels for masks and gloves, there are almost 1500 points of sale. The purpose of this measure is to create safe environment for all passengers, who could not get PPE in a pharmacy or forgot it at home. We highly recommend all passengers to use masks and gloves for going out», — shared Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport. 

Since May 4, 2020 Moscow Transport passengers purchased more than 12.8 thousand masks. Additionally, more than 1136 sanitizers for hand disinfection were installed at the Moscow Metro. Since April 26, 2020 sanitizers have been installed at 192 metro stations. Gradually, such devices will appear at all metro stations and the Moscow Central Circle.

Currently, more than 645 thousand passengers have taken advantage of the new service. A sanitizer is easy to use and eliminates the contact of passengers with surfaces — the dispenser is equipped with a sensor. Inside every unit there is a container with a disinfectant, which is replenished during the day if necessary. Sanitizers are another measure that the Moscow Transport Complex introduces to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In addition, employees constantly clean and disinfect infrastructure and vehicles, and strengthen staff health check-ups.

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