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1 июня

The 2020 bike season is open in Moscow

The rates for using the city’s bike sharing system remains the same as last year, and couriers and volunteers continue using it for free.

Starting June 1, everyone can use city bikes and scooters. Previously it has been available only to couriers and volunteers who have delivered essential goods and services to Muscovites i need. Since April 10, they made 260 000 trips by city bikes and 150 000 by scooters.

This summer about 6 000 bicycles are available at 629 stations. Currently more than 2 600 e-scooters are available, too, and this year the number will continue to grow.

The main safety rule for a user is to wear gloves or to treat brake handles and handlebars with sanitizer after completing a trip. Additionally, all bicycles and scooters will be regularly disinfected by operators.

The Moscow Transport reminds that to ride a bicycle and an e-scooter you need to have a digital permit with you.

The city bike rental service is developing and becoming more popular every year. Since its launch in 2013, the number of bicycles has increased 11 times, and the number of rides — 64 times. In 2019, an average of 24 5000 trips were made a day, and during the whole season, users used the service more than 5 000 000 times.

The scooter rental service was first launched in the spring of 2018. Over two seasons, users made more than 540 000 trips. Today, the total fleet of operators is more than 2 600 scooters. This year two more operators plan to launch their service, then the total number of scooters will increase to 6 000, and the total number of trips — up to 1 million.

«Starting June 1, bike and scooter sharing will operate for everyone. For couriers and volunteers, it will continue to be free, and all other users will enjoy unchanged tariffs. I am sure that many Moscow residents missed their active lifestyle at the days of self-isolation, so this year bike and scooter sharing will be especially popular, and someone may completely abandon their personal cars and choose a bike or a scooter instead. This way we would be able to maintain the good environmental situation that we are currently observing for a longer time,» — shared Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.

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