30 июля

People with disabilities are invited to join the Moscow Traffic Control Center team

The Moscow Traffic Control Center of the Government of Moscow has re-equipped two photo and video recording complexes, so now they are comfortable for low mobility employees.

There is no need to press the pedals to drive these parkons, as they are equipped with a gas and brake control lever, which is located under a driver's right hand. One low-mobility employee is already working as a driver of a modernized car.

«The Transport Complex of Moscow pays great attention to creating comfortable working conditions for people with disabilities. All our subordinate organizations employ people with various degrees of disability. People with disabilities work in the Moscow Transport Service Centers, in the Moscow Metro, the Moscow Parking, and now also in the Moscow Traffic Control Center. We plan to further develop in this sphere, so that citizens with limited mobility have equal opportunities for employment, and in the Transport Complex we are trying to do everything possible to employ such people,» — shared Evgeny Smirnov, the Advisor to the Head of the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development of Moscow.

«Unfortunately, still it is often difficult for people with disabilities to find jobs. However, we always strive to make all jobs in our organizations accessible for everyone, including for people with limited mobility. We already have one person with limited mobility working as a parkon driver. We also employ people with different degrees of disabilities in the department of photo and video recording. We are ready to re-equip additional cars, so that the profession of a driver in our organization is available to everyone,» — said Yegor Chernov, the Deputy Head of the Directorate for Photo and Video Recording of the Moscow Traffic Control Center.

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