19 июля

The Vityaz-Moscow trams come to the center of Moscow

After the reconstruction of tram tracks in the area of ​​the Paveletsky railway station, the tram traffic was restored in the area. For passengers’ comfort, now a new stop is open right in front of the entrance to the station. Thanks to the reconstruction, the modern Vityaz-Moscow trams first entered the routes in the south-west and in the center of the capital, and also returned to the south of Moscow.

Since 2019, the construction of the Paveletsky railway station has been underway on Paveletskaya Square. The aim of the project was to create quick transfers within walking distance.

“Improvement of tram traffic at the Paveletsky railway station has been discussed for decades. Finally, we open this site after reconstruction. Thanks to the new stop just in front of the railway station, the interchange time has been cut by 3 times. The tracks were made closer and a new turn is arranged. It is for the first time that modern Vityaz-Moskva trams enter the routes which were not previously served. The updated routes will create new transport links and make travelling around the city even more comfortable,” – shared Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.

Today the Vityaz-Moscow low-floor trams cover 15 districts all around the city. Today, more than half of the Moscow tram fleet is modern low-floor transport. There are more than 350 new Vityaz-Moscow trams in the fleet. They serve 70% of the south of the capital. It is expected that by 2023 the fleet will be fully equipped with new-generation trams.

In 2020, Moscow plans to renew 25 km of tram tracks, and more than 32 km have already been
updated in 2019.

All tram tracks in Moscow will be reconstructed by 2024.

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