8 июля

The number of electric buses in Moscow has reached 400

The 400th electric bus has entered the streets of Moscow today. Now electric buses run on 29 routes in the center, north, east, west, northeast and northwest districts of the city.

The Russian capital is the European leader in the number of new-generation vehicles in the city.

By the end of the year, it is planned to increase the number of electric buses to 600 units, and by 2024 — to 2 350 units. The innovative transport appeared on the streets of Moscow in September 2018. Last year it received the national award «The Car of the Year in Russia — 2019».

The electric bus is much more environmentally friendly than diesel transport. According to experts, an electric bus maintains a life cycle of up to 2 hectares of forest. It replenishes energy with ultra-fast charging stations at terminal stations. It takes just 6-10 minutes, and a charge is enough for 40-50 kilometers.

The city has already installed 100 charging stations.

The Moscow electric bus can accommodate 85 passengers. It is suitable for low-mobility passengers — it is low-floor and has a storage area and a ramp. Also, the electric bus is equipped with climate control and video surveillance systems. The cabin has information media screens and USB slots for charging mobile devices.

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