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The largest hub in the Сentral Moscow district – Elektrozavodskaya hub – to be launched in 2023

The hub will unite the Moscow Metro station Elektrozavodskaya (Line 3), the station of the Big Circle Line, the same-named station of the future D3 (Moscow Central Diameters – MCD), city e-bus and bus routes and a pedestrian bridge over the Yauza river, which will connect two embankments – Semenovskaya and Rubtsovskaya. Thanks to such hubs, which connect suburban railway transport with metro, passengers get a well-developed and convenient access to the transport network of Moscow.

«The creation of the large transport hubs connecting different modes of transport is an important component of large cities. With the new interchanges, residents and visitors of the megalopolis will be able to build flexible routes according to their needs and save travel time. Thanks to the Elektrozavodskaya hub trips for 200 thousand residents of the two districts (Basmanniy and Sokolinaya Gora), will be more convenient. For the future D3 passengers Elektrozavodskayawill become a modern comfortable station with free interchanges to two metro stations», – noted Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport.

The construction of the Electrozavodskaya hub of the future D3is planned to be completed in 2023. It will become one of the largest transport hubs in the Central Moscow district. Moscow recently opened another hub which unites all modes of transport – Schukinskaya. Learn more.

The railway transport development pace in Moscow is higher than in European cities and is considered as one of the highest in the world. Moscow passenger traffic has increased by 22% since 2010. It is the largest megalopolis and the fastest-growing city in eastern Europe. The demand for mobility and comfort is a major trend of transport systems around the world. Surface metro is the fastest and most affordable way to create a new mainline transport network in the megalopolis.

The largest transport projects are currently being implemented in Moscow: the Moscow Central Diameters and the Big Circle Line. The MCD is an above-ground metro which is considered an analogue of Crossrail in London and RER in Paris. It allows passengers to travel from the suburbs to the city center and back. Passengers can switch to the metro, the MCC and surface transport. Completion of the BCL is planned for 2022. The total length will be 70 km, it will include 31 stations and it will also provide transfers to all radial metro lines, MCC and MCD. The D1 and the D2 were launched on the November 21, 2019. The D1 is 52 km long and it includes 25 stations. The D2 is 80 km and there are 35 stations. The launch of the D3, the D4 and the D5 is planned for 2023-2024.


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