7 февраля

The Moscow Transport museum updated the exhibition

In addition, guests can now see cars of legendary brands – Rolls-Royce, Cadillac and Clement-Bayard, of the early XX century. 

Today, the museum collection consists of more than 300 exhibits: retro-cars, old urban passenger transport and special equipment. The museum also regularly hosts thematic exhibitions and excursions dedicated to the history of urban transport development. Moreover, the museum prepared a special program for kids – they can take part in the quest and practice in creating paper car models. 

Currently, the Moscow Transport museum hosts a photo exhibition titled “The ship is more than transport”, which presents unique archival photographs of the Northern River Station. In addition, until the end of February, visitors can see a collection of USSR-era watches with the symbols of domestic automakers - on the dials of mechanical and quartz watches are shown logos and cars familiar to Muscovites. 

A visit to the Moscow Transport museum can be paid not only by traditional methods (cash or card), but also with the help of the Troika smart card. 

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