25 июня

Another 30 Moskva trains since the beginning of the year: metro to have new transport

In total, Moscow metro has now 132 innovative trains running. Moskva-2019 trains boast many advantages. In particular, they are equipped with dynamic braking to standstill. Upgraded trains have larger HD screens above the doors. It is easier to see the name of the station above the doors. There are new hex-shaped handrails mounted on the ceiling, next to the doors. These handrails do not take up much space, and they are helpful for those standing at the door ready to alight. The seats are softer now, they are upholstered with cut- and water-resistant fabric (Mos.ru, ТАСС, «Известия», агентство «Москва», «Вечерняя Москва», ИА REGNUM, «Вести ФМ», «Радио 1», «The Village»).

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