17 октября

Bright floor navigation being tested at Line 4 of the Moscow Metro

 “The contrasting markup shows the safe distance from the edge of a platform, and the arrows mark train doors opening points”, – shared the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for transport, Maksim Liksutov.

It is assumed that the new floor navigation will make boarding the train faster and more convenient, since passengers will be able to approach the door-opening point in advance. Bright color makes it visible to passengers, including visually impaired.

The Deputy Mayor noted that the tests will last for a month, and during this time, metro specialists will monitor paint durability, as well as receive feedback from passengers. If the pilot project is successful, markup will be applied to the platforms of all ground stations of Line 4.

Earlier, similar markup was successfully tested at the Moscow Central Circle (MCC). There, not only door-opening points were marked, but also there was special markup indicating the seats for low-mobility passengers and passengers with bikes. The initiative was introduced at the request of Muscovites.

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