17 октября

Two new Ivolga 2.0 trains arrive at the depot in Moscow

“In total, by the MCD launch the train manufacturer, Transmashholding, will deliver 15 such trains”, – shared the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for transport, Maksim Liksutov.

Ivolga 2.0 is a new modification of the Ivolga train, created specifically for the Moscow Central Diameters taking into account the passengers’ feedback. "When creating new trains, we took into account the feedback received from our passengers – we carried out polls and also studied the best world examples”, - noted the Deputy Mayor.

The first-car design has changed to repeat the bends of the Moscow Metro trains and modern Vityaz trams. Moreover, in the new Ivolga, as in the new metro cars, there are soft panels to lean on while standing. The adaptive lighting of the Ivolga 2.0 varies depending on the time of day – in the morning, there is bright invigorating light to wake up, and in the evening, on the contrary, it is soft and soothing.

Every seat is equipped with a USB-socket, and in total, there are more than 490 sockets in a seven-car train.

The train accommodates more than 2 thousand people. There is an inter-car passage and no entrance platform. The train is equipped with WC, a climate control and an air disinfection systems, free Wi-Fi, bike racks, shelves for small luggage and coat hooks.

“The Mayor of Moscow approved the MCD fares. Thanks to the new tariff system, passengers will save up to 50% on travelling in Moscow and up to 75% on travelling from the Moscow region. The Diameters are divided into three zones. The MCD Central zone fare will be equal to the single ride fare on any mode of public transport in Moscow – 38 rubles. The MCD Suburb zone ride will cost 45 rubles, and the MCD Far zone fare will consist of two components – 45 rubles and 23 rubles for each zone outside the MCD. Moreover, if a passenger pays with the Troika card, there is a free interchange to the Moscow Metro and the Moscow Central Circle stations”, - explained the Deputy Mayor.

The launch of the first Moscow Central Diameters is scheduled for the end of 2019. Then public transport will become more accessible for 3.7 million residents of Moscow and the Moscow region. The first two Diameters will improve transport accessibility of more than 45 districts of Moscow and 6 regional cities. Thanks to MCD-1 and MCD-2, more than 900 thousand new passenger seats per day will appear on trains.

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