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1 ноября

The pre-premiere show of the “Dracula” ballet fragments in the Moscow Metro

The fragments of the “Dracula. The beginning” ballet were first shown to the audience in the metro before the official premiere in the Kremlin Palace. The pre-show took place on the Halloween night. The event was held at the closed Delovoy Center metro station, which at normal times is not used to transport passengers. The ballet gathered both invited honorable guests and passengers who won invitations, participating in the competition on the official pages of the Moscow Metro on social networks. 

“The Moscow Metro is not only the major mode of transport for the city. It is increasingly becoming a platform for cultural events. It hosted the “Night of Russian Ballet”, “The Night of Yoga”, various opera and theater productions, fashion shows. We showed the "Game of Thrones" series and recently held a extreme sports festival. Each new performance is a premiere, because before that, nothing similar had ever been shown at metro stations. Over the past year, we held more than 15 different events. They were visited by more than 6 thousand people,” – shared Maxim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for transport.

“Dracula. The Beginning” is the latest interpretation of the saga about the most famous vampire Count Dracula, which was retold in ballet by stage director Alexei Golubev and choreographer Ivan Vasilyev. To present the life story of the hero, the production combined classical ballet and cinema, a modern theater performance and a musical. The main role was played by Ivan Vasiliev himself, the female parties were the leading soloists of the Bolshoi Theater Kristina Kretova and Maria Vinogradova, and the finalist of the “Voice” show Ladislav Bubunar presented his vocals to the immortal count Vlad Tepes. 

“Such stories have always attracted me – about the struggle between good and evil, about the revenge and the triumph of justice, about the victory of forgiveness and, of course, first of all, about love. I have known Ivan for many years. I consider him a dancer incredible in skill and will be glad if my voice helps to soar him even higher on the stage”, – shared Ladislav Bubnar.

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