20 ноября

Moscow plans for future – 2,200 electric buses by the end of 2023

New metro and suburban train cars, trams and electric buses will be purchased, and taxi and car-sharing fleets will expand.

“Electric buses appeared in Moscow a year ago, and today the capital is already No. 1 in Europe in the number of such mode of public transport in one city. By the end of the year the city will have 300 electric buses, and in 2020-2023 we’ll get another 2,200,” – shared the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development of Moscow.

The bus fleet has been fully updated – 9,000 thousand buses have been purchased since 2010, the tram fleet has been renewed at 70% – 495 trams have been purchased since 2010. Until 2021, the city will continue to purchase diesel buses, and since 2021 Moscow will abandon them in favor of electric buses. In addition, in 2020-2023 about 400 new trams will arrive in the capital. 

The metro cars are being renewed as fast as possible.

"In 2020-2023 Moscow plans to acquire more than 650 metro cars annually. In 4 years, the Moscow Metro will receive more than 2,650 new cars. For comparison, over 9 years, in 2010-2019, 2,800 wagons were purchased,” – reported the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development of Moscow.

Large-scale changes are taking place in the suburban railway system. Since 2010, the fleet of electric trains has been updated by 56%, and in 2020-2023 Moscow will receive more than 1,720 new cars.

Since 2010, 135,000 taxi cars have been purchased by companies from Moscow and the Moscow Region for operation in Moscow and suburbs.

“Moscow is actively providing subsidies for taxi companies, so the carriers manage to massively renew the taxi fleet, and today it is the youngest in Europe. In 2020-2023, 9,500 new cars will be purchased for the city.”

Moscow is a leader in Europe in terms of car-sharing service development. Since carsharing appeared in Moscow in 2015, 50,000 cars were purchased, and in 2020-2023 another 12,600 cars will arrive.

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