21 января

The Moscow Transport launches the Marathon of Ideas

The Marathon starts on January, 21 and lasts to the end of March 2020. To participate, passengers should pass a survey, which will help to better understand the needs and wants of the residents.

«All world megalopolises face the new challenges – how to make cities more eco-friendly, how to make residents healthier and how to make public transport as, or even more comfortable and fast than private transport. However, every city has its own way. We believe that we can find the right one only if we communicate with the residents. Directly. Without intermediaries. Our goal is to travel together the whole way from the idea to its realization, so that every resident could take part in the common cause», – shared the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for transport, Maksim Liksutov.

All the ideas will be carefully studied by the expert council of the Russian leading transport experts. In May 2020, the results will be announced and the best ideas will receive the award from the Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development of Moscow.

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