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Moscow agglomeration is not in the list of 5 most congested megacities anymore

TomTom is the leading independent company in the field of navigation technologies, generating real-time traffic information using high-precision maps. Moscow is not among the five most-congested megacities anymore. The Russian capital has moved from fifth to sixth place thanks to the implementation of major infrastructure projects: the launch of the Moscow Сentral Diameters, the development of parking space, the arrangement of bus lanes and the construction of roads and metro stations.

The largest decrease in congestion was recorded in December 2019 (compared with the same period in 2018) - congestion at rush hour decreased by ten percent. The launch of the first two Moscow Central Diameters, connecting Nakhabino and Podolsk, Odintsovo and Lobnya, played its role. Such major highways as Volokolamskoye and Varshavskoye, and Leningradsky and Kutuzovsky avenues, became less congested on the way to the city center. It also became easier to drive along Ryazan avenue. It is possible thanks to the launch of the first section of the Line 15 of the Moscow Metro in the southeast of the capital.

“The positive trend can be explained by significant infrastructure improvements - the launch of the Moscow Central Diameters, as well as the systematic and continuous development of the city transport system and putting things in order with parking,” – said Ralph-Peter Schaefer, TomTom Vice President for Road Traffic, after the study was released.

At the same time, the Moscow Ring Road remains congested. Experts associate the high traffic on it with the transit flows of cars, including traffic on the M11 Moscow - St. Petersburg highway. Another highway, the Central Ring Road, will help reduce traffic to the Moscow Ring Road. With its opening, the Ring will be unloaded from the flow of trucks by at least 30 percent. The construction of the first three sections of the Central Ring Road is planned to be completed this year. Currently, a section from Novorizhskoye to Mozhayskoye highways is ready.

The level of congestion is an increase in the total travel time compared to driving on free roads. For example, an occupancy rate of X percent indicates that the average trip time during peak hours is up to X percent more. It is based on comparing the actual travel time with the time on the free road, which is then converted to the average annual value.

The TomTom company is headquartered in Amsterdam, with regional offices in 30 countries. The TomTom Traffic Index provides statistics and information on congestion levels in 403 cities in 56 countries on 6 continents.


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