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Moscow Transport Gets Best Smart Ticketing Programme Award 2020

The award took place in the UK, in London, on January 28 in the Science Museum of London.

Moscow competed with the world largest transport companies - the British operator Arriva, the German operator Deutsche Bahn, the railway operator of Manchester and five more applicants.

Recently the Moscow Transport introduced 10 ways to pay for travelling around the city. Tickets can be purchased through ticket machines, and other payment methods have been implemented. Passengers can use the Troika card, as well as carriers with its function – key rings, rings, bracelets, etc. What is more, there are the combined Troika –Podorozhnik card to use it both in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, the Troika-Strelka card to use it in Moscow and the Moscow region, and the combined Troika card with partner banks’ cards . The option of using contactless credit cards and gadgets is available since 2019 at 100% of the Moscow Metro stations and Mosgortrans' surface transport modes. Additionally, it is possible to use mobile phone account for payment. Thanks to the ticket system development, the queues at ticket offices have become 40% shorter, and the number of tickets purchased from drivers of ground transport has decreased by 8 times. Since 2013, annual sales of paper tickets have decreased by 4.6 times, which helps preserve nature and save 2.5 billion rubles a year ($ 39,5 million).

The intermodality of the transport system has grown significantly - passengers, having a Troika card, a bank card or a smartphone in their pocket, can make convenient interchanges between different modes of the Moscow Transport.

“We introduced the best world solutions into the Moscow Transport ticketing system, and we believe that this is a very successful project that allowed us to unite all of Moscow's urban transport. Passengers have about 10 payment methods. Every year, the Troika card gains enormous popularity - in 2015, 40% of all trips by public transport were paid with it, and today more than 90% of all trips are paid with a Troika. Our further tasks are to make the card personalized and virtual. The Troika card will continue to develop and become even more convenient,” – shared Maksim Liksutov, the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for transport.


Transport Ticketing Global, London, the UK, is the major international award to select and honor the best projects in the field of ticketing solutions. Experienced transport experts from Great Britain, Belgium and other countries were represented on the jury.

Since 2013, more than 30 million Troika cards have been issued in Moscow. On the card, one can record all types of tickets of the tariff menu or replenish the Wallet ticket to pay for travelling by the Moscow Metro, the Moscow Central Circle, the Moscow Central Diameters, and urban surface transport. Almost 60 city services are also available with the Troika card, including access to more than 40 museums and galleries, ice rinks, tickets to Aeroexpress, and more.

In 2018, the Troika card loyalty program was launched, and today there are more than 700 thousand participants. The Moscow residents can enjoy bonuses and discounts from partners - shops, pharmacies, cinemas and others, as well as travel by public transport for free. 


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